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Why Can't It Be You? | Internetly Vol. 51

published4 months ago
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Hi, I’m Alice (ah-leece). This is a Tuesday weekly newsletter to help you take advantage of the internet, one idea at a time. Don’t hesitate to reach out if something piques your interest. I’m all ears.

Hi there,

Last week, I had a strange deja-vu moment.

Snapchat resurfaced a year-old image I had completely forgotten about. It was a bland selfie with the caption,

"In a year from now, I won't be in NYC. I'll be somewhere warm and sunny."

And exactly one year later, the picture reappeared while I was staying in Minca, Colombia. It was a warm, bright day. The sun’s rays danced on my skin. The singsongs of the birds interlaced the cool, satin air.

I had done it.

I escaped NYC. I held true to my word. But, I began to wonder how I'd actually pulled this off.

It started off with hippy-dippy. I manifested, affirmed, hoped and journaled. But past the woo-woo work, getting here took one thing: action. Organized, planned, budgeted, and ultimately, scary-as-hell action.

This wacky process reminds me of an excellent article written by Leigh Paulsen. She states:

“You can’t sit around wishing upon shooting stars, or waiting to blow out your candles on your birthday cake and expect your dreams to fall in your lap. Daydreaming is fun but if you really want your dreams to become reality, you and only you can make the decision to take action.”

Evidently, privilege plays a notable factor. But aside from this, a large portion of it is has to do with to commitment.

Are you committed to discomfort? Committed to a winding (and nauseating) path? Committed to sacrifice?

For me, this meant temporarily moving back in with my parents to save money. It meant leaving my partner, not knowing when I'd see him again. It meant working my tail off – chasing invoices, earning minimum wage, working weekends – to establish a freelance writing business.

So now my question (or challenge, rather) for you this week is:

“What's your goal? And if it's not possible -- why not? Why not you? Why not now?"

My Work View :)

🖼 On Becoming a Prolific Creator

This Week: Why Self-Reflection Is Critical To Creation

How many tabs do you have open right now?

Chances are it's in the double digits. If you’re like most of us, you're often caught in a deluge of information, battling your 52 (or however many) tabs.

But information overload drowns out your internal voice -- meaning you can't hear yourself think.

What happens when you're overwhelmed with information .

Being able to hear your thoughts and know how you feel is essential to creation.

Why? Well, because you can't be authentic if you don't know who you are. You can't be creative when you're only consuming. You can't be focused when your train of thought is scattered.

And creation blooms from these specific facets -- authenticity, creativity, and focus.

So, how do you anchor yourself? How do you drain your mind of information and begin connecting from within?

Self-reflection, baby.

The kind of self-reflection you want to engage in, well, that's up to you. You can try Morning Pages, Headspace, Othership, or a good-old fashioned walk in the park.

Tinker with various methods until you are finally comfortable with being alone with your thoughts. It seems scary, but trust me -- they have a lot of (good) things to say.

From Geopsych

🥒 Content Diet

📇 Pay Attention: The Art of Noticing by Anne Ditmeyer – If you just paid attention, you'd notice how much our world has to offer. Yet most of us experience life in a haze, barely paying attention to our surroundings. This article helps you snap out of it.

🕊 16 Weird Pieces of Business Advice by Coleman Whitsitt – I usually roll my eyes at Twitter threads. (If I see another “Twitter is like university” thread, I swear). But, this thread is a thoughtful list of original and snappy business advice.

✍🏼 Freelancing Journey

This Week: The Due Diligence of Charging Late Fees (For People-Pleasers)

Last week, I was owed roughly $1,400.

Yikes. This is the bane of existence for freelancers, and just seems like an inescapable caveat of the industry. And while we can't force our clients to pay on time, we can establish preventative measures.

But, here’s the thing.

You know you should send a project proposal to each client that details your late fees, and require the client to pay the first half of the cost upfront. And yet, you don’t. Because you're a people-pleaser, too nice, and want to “assume the best” in people (like me).

For context, I met a client and we hit it off. I decided to waive the project proposal. They were cool. They’d pay me.

Except they didn't. It took weeks longer than expected.

No, this client wasn't secretly malicious. But for a client, paying a freelancer will almost never be their first priority. They've got a million other little things to do. This is why it’s important you always set parameters in place – no matter how "nice" a client may seem!

Here’s how to go about it:

Before The Project Starts

• Send a project proposal. In the project proposal, detail your late fees and your net payment agreement. Here’s what I say in mine: “Invoice payment is due within 30 days. Please be advised I will charge 1.5% interest per month on late invoices.”

• Request half of payment upfront. This might not be worth it for smaller, one-off projects, but requesting half of the payment is a good way to get skin in the game if you’re charging about $300 or up for a project.

After The Project is Over – And Still No Payment

Send a polite (but firm) reminder. Here’s how you can phrase this: "Hey _____, the terms we agreed upon have not been met and I’ve followed up several times to try and resolve this matter together. Please get this fixed or I will have to cease my services if these late fees aren't processed by one week from today."

• Withhold project deliverables. Remove access from the project deliverables. Revoke shared access on Google Docs or lock shared files. Doesn’t matter how “mean” it feels. Do it.

P.S – If you’re a NY based freelancer, you can file a claim with the Freelance Isn’t Free Union.


That's it this week, folks!

I appreciate you.Thank you for being here, and I hope you have a beautiful week.

I'm not going to lie, this newsletter didn't feel like my best. But I'm prioritizing consistency -- and seeing where the practice goes.

Stay creative,

Alice 💌

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